Untangling Reproductive & Perinatal Trauma: The Zentangle® Approach to the Flash Technique.

This training will provide participants with stabilizing resourcing strategies along with the Flash Technique as an early intervention following exposure to reproductive and perinatal trauma. 

The Flash Technique, developed by Philip Manfield, is an evidence-based trauma reprocessing modality that has gained recognition since its development in 2016. Unlike many recognized trauma resolution modalities, it does not require imaginal or conscious exposure to the memory. Rather, it utilizes containment during reprocessing to reduce the risk of activation and destabilization. 

The Zentangle® approach is a well-established method of mindfulness using structured drawing patterns that are soothing and promote a calm physiological state. Using the Zentangle approach within the context of trauma recovery provides clients with accessible and engaging resources for stabilization, nervous system regulation, and orientation to safety in the present moment. 

Program Outline: 

Module 1: Theory and Practice of Zentangle Technique

✔️ Theory and research on the Zentangle approach

✔️ Experiential learning: Practicing the steps of Zentangle drawing

✔️ Applying the Zentangle approach to self-care

✔️ Theory and research on arts-based stabilization and trauma recovery

✔️ Strategies to introduce Zentangle to clients in different settings (including telehealth)

When: Wednesday, October 9th - 6hrs
8:00PT / 9:00 MT / 10:00CT / 11:00 ET / 12:00 AT


Module 2: Theory and Practice of Flash Technique

✔️ Theory and Research on the Flash Technique

✔️ Understanding Memory Reconsolidation Theory

✔️ Understanding the role of Dual Attention Stimulus (DAS) in the Flash Technique 

✔️ Integrating Zentangle drawing into the Flash Technique as (DAS) and stabilization 

✔️ Strategies to support the containment of distressing memories

✔️ Experiential learning: Flash Technique Demos in group settings

✔️ Learning the steps of the modified Flash Protocol

✔️ Case consultation and application in clinical practice

When: Wednesday, October 23rd - 6hrs
8:00PT / 9:00 MT / 10:00CT / 11:00 ET / 12:00 AT

Cost: $979 +hst. 

This training is available for professionals accredited and/or trained to practice psychotherapy. It is also open to students who are currently completing their practicum. If you are uncertain if this applies to you, please email to discuss options. 

This is a Stand Alone Trauma Reprocessing Strategy

This training will teach participants a modified Flash Technique protocol that integrates the embodied and engaging act of drawing “tangles” (Zentangle patterns) for increased stabilization and present-orientation throughout the process of trauma treatment.

This modified protocol is a safe and effective standalone trauma reprocessing strategy that reduces acute distress resulting from recent traumatic events, such as birth trauma. This modified protocol also supports containment skills to address traumatic grief and distressing childhood memories that show up during parenting.

**There will be group practice sessions made available through the facilitator when the learning modules have been completed**


Program developed by special guest facilitatior Jennifer Marchand, MA, CCC, RCAT

Jennifer (she/her) is a Canadian trauma therapist and EMDRIA-approved consultant & trainer with over 10 years of clinical experience in diverse settings and cultural contexts. She currently lives in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, specializing in work with humanitarian aid workers, health professionals, expatriates, and survivors of complex and generational trauma. Jennifer blends creative arts therapies and somatic therapies (such as trauma-sensitive yoga) with trauma reprocessing modalities, including EMDR, the Flash Technique, and Internal Family Systems (IFS) for a holistic and culturally-responsive approach. She has a special interest in the benefits of the Zentangle method, an arts-based approach to mindfulness and stabilization, leading her to become a Certified Zentangle Teacher (CZT) and integrating it into her work with survivors.

Jennifer has acquired in-depth knowledge and specialization in vicarious traumatization and burnout. She currently works with EMDR-trained Ethiopian clinicians as a consultant and facilitates burnout prevention groups. As a trauma trainer and technical advisor to medica mondiale, e.V., an international women’s rights organization based in Germany, she develops and delivers training on trauma sensitivity for health professionals in conflict-affected settings—such as Kurdistan, Afghanistan, and Southeast Europe—with a focus on responding to the psychosocial needs of survivors of conflict-related sexual violence. She has also worked with Blue Dragon, an organization in Hanoi, Vietnam, supervising a team of psychologists working with survivors of human trafficking, providing advanced training and supporting self-care practices.

Jennifer is also an editor and author in the exciting new publication on combining EMDR and Creative Arts Therapies to treat complex trauma with diverse populations across a range of cultural contexts: EMDR and Creative Arts Therapies (Routledge, 2022).

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