Online Perinatal Mental Health Certification Program. 

The Online Perinatal Mental Health Certificate Program is a 32-hour program open to anyone who works with perinatal clients. The full certificate program involves four six-hour LIVE workshops plus pre-recordings. You can register for these individually, or save $337 by registering for all at once. Courses do not need to be taken in any specific order, and payment plans can be made available. 

Once you have taken all four workshops, you can apply for your Canadian Certified Perinatal Mental Health Certificate Program (CC-PMH). This requires three hours of one-on-one clinical consultation sessions or six hours of small group consultation. 

**You can save $337 by registering for the full program

Foundations of Perinatal Mental Health. 

This workshop provides a foundation to perinatal mental health and supporting perinatal clients.

Topics include:

✔️ Symptoms and prevalence of concerns

✔️ Overview of policy and program approaches in Canada 

✔️ Review of the IP perinatal mood model 

✔️ Intake and assessment for non-diagnosticians 

✔️ How to create support plans and referral pathways 

Cost: $579 (plus HST)

When: Tuesday, September 24th - 6hrs
8:00PT / 9:00 MT / 10:00CT / 11:00 ET / 12:00 AT


Advanced Counselling Tools and Skills. 

This workshop provides an overview of supporting common concerns and mental health symptoms in perinatal populations. 

Topics include:

✔️ Review of evidence-based treatment modalities (ie CBT, IPT): Plus benefits/critiques

✔️ Review of commonly used treatment modalities (art therapies, parts work therapies, trauma therapies, etc): Plus benefits/critiques

✔️ Common perinatal parent mental health concerns 

✔️ Tools to address common parent concerns/symptoms

Cost: $579 (plus HST)

When: Tuesday, October 22nd, 6hrs
8:00PT / 9:00 MT / 10:00CT / 11:00 ET / 12:00 AT


Specialized Topics in Perinatal Mental Health. 

This workshop reviews relevant topics that can impact perintal mood, treatment plans, and supports.

Topics include:

✔️ Relationships: Common concerns with partners and extended family

✔️ Reproductive trauma and parental nervous system support

✔️ Activation related to parents' childhood trauma 

✔️ What to expect with infant sleep and ways to support parent sleep  

Cost: $579 (plus HST)

When: Tuesday, November 19th, 6hrs
8:00PT / 9:00 MT / 10:00CT / 11:00 ET / 12:00 AT 

Working With Specialized Parenting Populations. 

Cultivating cultural humility This workshop reviews specialized considerations when working with particular perinatal populations. 

Topics include: 

✔️ Cultivating cultural humility

✔️ Deepening anti-oppressive care with parents impacted by structural discrimination

✔️ Supporting clients impacted by interpersonal family violence

✔️ Supporting clients involved with child protection services 

✔️ Harm reduction with parents wishing to reduce their use of substances 

Cost: $579 (plus HST)

When: Tuesday, December 10th, 6hrs
8:00PT / 9:00 MT / 10:00CT / 11:00 ET / 12:00 AT

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We offer professional development for perinatal mental health professionals. Our trainings are inter-professional; we welcome social workers, psychotherapists, clinical psychologists, midwives, nurses, naturopaths, OB’s, psychiatrists, pelvic floor physiotherapists, family doctors, community organizers, pediatricians, coaches, or sleep consultants.

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